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How to Setup Dynamic Lock on Windows 10 (Guide)

Looking to give your computer an extra piece of security, then an additional or you can say an intelligent feature is available increators update is Dynamic Lock. Dynamic lock helps in locking your computer when you are away from your desk so that no unauthorized user can log-in to your computer. This feature adds an […]

How to Add Programs to Windows Start-up Folder

If you always visit the same website or web page when you whenever you start yourthen you can place that web page in the startup folder so that it opens automatically when you start. This process is very simple and you can apply it in merely 5-10 minutes. What is Startup Folder? If you add […]

How to Create a System Restore Point on Windows 10

The Windows 10 comes with many excellent recovery features which will help you to fix your computer when something wrong happens. One of the features is the System Restore Point which will help you to undo the changes or the problem occurs due to the recent installed updates or app. Previously, I have written about the process […]

How to Download Latest Version Of Zoom Player Max In Windows

Hello, everyone! Nowadays there is a competition in media players market. But today I will tell you one of the best media player – Zoom Player Max which is available to download for. The Zoom player is the most flexible and smartest media player for Windows PCS/ Tablets. It is developed by InMatrix. It is based […]

How to Hide Files, Folders and Full Drive on Windows 10

Windows 10 offers various excellent feature in which one of the features allows you to hide the files, folder and also a drive. One of the easiest ways to hide the files and folder is by using the File Explorer. But if you want to hide a large number of files then it would be […]

10 Cheap Gaming Laptops Under $300 with Intel Celeron/AMD A Series Processor

Hello, guys! U are thinking about the cheap gaming laptops to buy and want to enjoy all the features. So our team has done some research for the gaming laptops under $300 with Intel Celeron/AMD A-Series Processor with the latest operating system. You are thinking why our team specifies only computer processor type as we […]

How to Upgrade 32bit Windows 10 to 64bit Version (Guide)

Windows is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. If you are looking for a PC or laptop which is having RAM 4GB or more than 4GB then 64-bit version is the one you need, in fact it has the capability to support up to 1TB of RAM while the 32-bit version can only utilize up […]

How to Find, Backup and Restore Windows Sticky Notes

If you use the Windows Sticky Notes app, you’ll be happy to know that you can back up your notes and even move them to another PC if you want. Previously, we have shared another awesome trick to arrange your folders in windows asand sort them by important at the top of any Folder in […]

How to Create a USB Security key on Windows 10 PC

Nowadays every user wants security for their computer in order to protect it from the other users. The latest trending security feature is the USB Security Key which is one of the powerful tools to protect your computer completely from Unauthorized Access. In the USB security key as long as theis plugged in the port […]

How to Disable Start-up Programs in Windows and Mac & Speed up your PC

Have a Slow PC? It’s even more frustrating than you having no food from the whole day. I have a Windows i5 PC with latest Intel’s 6th Generation Processor. I was so frustrated that even after investing approximately $800 on my Dell Laptop, I have a very slow PC. Every single day was quite a […]