Control/Operate Two Computers using one Mouse & Keyboard

If you have two or more computers at one desk, you don’t want two or more sets of keyboards and mice cluttering up your workspace. Ever thought if there is a way to control two computers seamlessly using one set of Mouse and Keyboard?

Twocan easily be operated using a single mouse and keyboard. And, this is really easier than you think.


There are two solutions available to this question:

  1. If the computers are operated or connected to the same network, you can use the software programs such as or to control them with the single keyboard and mouse.
  2. When the machines are not connected you can use

Better Alternate to Synergy and KVM Switches

is a product that makes you the captain of your computer fleet by allowing you to control up to four computers from a single mouse and keyboard. This means that with Microsoft Garage Mouse without Borders you can copy text or drag and drop files across computers.

The best part about Mouse without Borders is how easy it is to set up. You install the utility on all yourcomputers, enter the security code provided by theand your computers will get linked. This is almost as simple as pairing a set of Bluetooth devices. It is also convenient to transfer files from one desktop to another as if you are working on the same computer. But it works only on windows based computers.

Wow ! I mean simply amazing. There are so many tools and software’s we have covered in this tutorial where you can learn and use simple technologies that will make you at least 10X more productive than you were yesterday.

Before writing this tutorial, I never knew it was even possible to Control several PC’s using only One Keyboard and Mouse. We told you a hardware based Solution –and others are software based solutions. Also, with this kind of tech, you no longer need USB Drives or Hard disks to transfer and share data across different computers. It’s just a matter of pairing and installing software and it’s super easy to adapt.

Simply amazing technologies developed by awesome people. Do let us know, if I missed anything and you know betterto this. I am very keen to learn more about this subject.

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