Creating Coloring Books for Children in Minutes using MS Office

Children love to draw, paint and fill colors whether digitally in Paint or as a hard-copy with watercolors, oil pastel colors or simply sketch pens. Every time, they get their new assignment from school in Holidays or just a regular day with a tuition, they want to fill colors in everything that is colorless and it is so amazing and beautiful to see them painting stuff and making everything colorful. But, there is a little problem for parents and teachers.

Life would have been pretty much easier if they knew, it’s so easy to create beautiful Coloring Books for Children in Minutes using the Microsoft’s MStool. You will be amazed to get your child’s creativity out when you will freely give them these coloring books and tell them to fill any colors of their choices. You will now imagine, what a child can do and create with so much interest and keen to understand the world in their own terms.

Within minutes you can create coloring page with any theme in MS Office and you can choose from a large number of pictures available. With MS Office it has become an inexpensive and fun activity for children to enjoy when

Tips for making a good Coloring book!!

Rules for picking pictures or photos:

  • Use simple pictures.
  • Don’t use too many colors i.e. not too busy.
  • Use an overlooked picture over a great one.
  • Colors should be blend and match according to the.

What type of pictures to be chosen?

  • For background use a dramatic scene or scenes like landscapes.
  • For professional books, you can also use stock photography.
  • You can also use black and white backgrounds as they look more attractive.

Where to find stock photography?

There are various websites available that offer stock photography, some of them are:

Procedure to Create Color Books in Microsoft Word:

Step 1

Start the Microsoft word and click the new tab. In the new tab, double click the books icon.

Step 2

Select from the various options available in the books icon as given in the below screenshot.

See Also:

Step 3 

The image will be inserted, you can change the picture according to your requirements. The image inserted will look as shown in the below screenshot and you can edit the picture with the options available in format menu.

Step 4

You can add colors and text and even animations in the pictures as shown below.


If you are not satisfied with the formatting tools of Microsoft Word, you can download the various apps for converting black & white images into colored pages, such as a.

To access Photo Editor.

Also visit:

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