How to Create a USB Security key on Windows 10 PC

Nowadays every user wants security for their computer in order to protect it from the other users. The latest trending security feature is the USB Security Key which is one of the powerful tools to protect your computer completely from Unauthorized Access.

In the USB security key as long as theis plugged in the port you are allowed to access yourand when you remove the USB flash drive you are no longer allowed to access your computer.

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In this article, I will provide you the complete guide to creating a USB Security Key onby using a completely free USB Raptor Software and give you a short guide on other tools also which you can use for your computer.

Download USB Raptor Software for free [Windows]

The USB Raptor is one of the popular tools which is used to turn your USB drive into an access control drive. The USB Raptor locks your system when the USB drive is removed from your computer and unlock back when the same USB drive is plugged in again in the USB port.

This tool is completely free for you with no missing features and limitations. Now I will show you how to get it set up using Windows 10 with the simple steps.

Step-1: First you need to download the USB Raptor software by navigating to the.

Step-2: When it is successfully downloaded the USB Raptor will open. Now at this point, you need to connect your external USB drive into your computer using a USB port.

Step-3: After that, the first thing you have to do is to type the password in the box.

Step-4: Now Click on the Select USB Drive to select your USB drive which you plugged into your USB port.

Step-5: After selecting the USB drive now click on the Create K3y file next to the Select USB drive option.

Step-6: Now click on the Checkbox button next to the Enable USB Raptor only when you are ready to start using USB Raptor. When you click the checkbox button a small window will popup in the corner of your screen letting you know that the USB Raptor is now enabled.

Step-7: Click on Minimize to tray button available at the right bottom.

Now your USB security key is created as soon as you eject the USB drive out of the port the USB Raptor will come up with a purple screen with a logo as your system gets a lock. Your system will be unlocked only when you plug the USB key back.

If you want to Disable the USB Raptor you just simply open the app and then uncheck the box which is next to the Enable USB Raptor.

All these steps above will cover the configuration of USB Raptor but there are also few advanced setting that you can check by clicking on the Checkbox next to Advanced Configuration.

 In the advanced configuration, you can choose whether you like or don’t like to use a password as a backup when you lose your USB drive, you can check whether or not your . k3y file is matching to your USB serial number or more.

There are some other tools which will help you to lock your computer using a USB Flash drive such as KeyLock, Predator, Rohos Logan Key and more.

Download Key Lock [Windows]

The Key Lock is another powerful tool which can be used to lock your computer by using an external USB flash drive. This tool comes with a modern user interface which has the capability to disable task manager, disrupt the mouse which makes it impossible to reach the desktop of your computer.

To unlock you need to plug in the USB drive which you used to lock the computer and after unlocking you can use your computer again without any interruption.

Download Predator [Windows]

The Predator is also one of the popular tools which are used to turn your USB drive into an access control drive. The Predator tool comes with some excellent features and modern yet simple user interface.

It has the capability to lock your computer when you are away even if your Window session is still in the active mode. As long as the USB drive is plugged in the port you are allowed to access your computer and when you remove the USB flash drive you are no longer allowed to access your computer as it will disable your mouse, keyboard and the display screen gets dark.

Download Rohos Logan Key [Window and Mac]

The Rohos Logan Key is a multi-platform secure solution which has the capability to convert any USB drive into a security key for your personal computer and allows you to access the computer by the USB key rather than Windows login system.

It comes with several key features which provide you complete security and protection. This software is completely free for the Windows users but if you want to use it for Mac then you need to pay some money to use this software.

That’s wraps up the article and I hope it is helpful to you.  If you liked the article, then please share it on social media. And if you want to suggest an update in this article, then your suggestions are always welcome. Comment below in the comment section.

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