How to Find, Backup and Restore Windows Sticky Notes

If you use the Windows Sticky Notes app, you’ll be happy to know that you can back up your notes and even move them to another PC if you want. Previously, we have shared another awesome trick to arrange your folders in windows asand sort them by important at the top of any Folder in your Windows PC. You can read the whole story here: . But for now, let’s move on to our main topic around the backup and restoration of Sticky Notes in Windows.

How to Backup/Restore Windows Sticky Notes

Step 1. Show Hidden Files

The very first thing, you need to do is to change your windows File Settings and make all your Hidden Files to Show. To do this, just Open File Explorer, switch to the “View” tab, click on “Show/hide” button, and then tick mark the “Hidden items” option.

Step 2: Backup Sticky Notes Files

Now that you have enabled to view and show your hidden files. You can move on to step 2 which is finding the Sticky Notes Folder in your Windows Operating system, where all your Notes Data from the App gets stored.

If you’re running,, or a, the process forand restoring them is the same.The difference with the desktop version of the app is the location of the files, where they are stored. You can find the sticky notes file for the earlier versions at this location:

C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Sticky Notes\

This time, note that instead of seeing a bunch of folders, you’ll see a single file: StickyNotes.snt. Copy that file to your backup location or to the same location on a PC to where you want to move the notes. And, this completes this simple yet useful tutorial or trick to backup and save all your Sticky Notes Data and restore them to the same computer or take it to another PC.

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