How to Install Store Apps Without Switching to Microsoft Account in Windows 10

Signing in to using a Microsoft account allows you to quickly access all the Microsoft services from OneDrive to Skype and more. Additionally, using the same Microsoft account across all your devices, you can also sync the Windows, data across your devices and other office settings without any difficulty.

There are many users who are runningwith a local user account but you can also install the application from the Windows Store without switching their local account to. In this article, I will guide you through very simple and easy steps on how to install the store apps without switching to the Microsoft account.

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Steps to Install Store Apps Without Switching to Microsoft Account in Windows 10

You should know that when you sign in to Windows 10 with a Microsoft account then you are automatically signed in to the Store and you don’t need to sign in again.

Step-1: Click on the taskbar search box type Store and then press the Enter button on your to launch Windows Store app.

Alternatively, you can directly open the store app by just click on the start menu and then click on the Windows Store tile.

Step-2:  Once the Windows Store app is launched on your PC now you have to click on the small user icon which is located next to the search box and then click on Sign in option.

Step-3: After you click on the sign in option new windows will open and here you have to click on Microsoft account.

Step-4: Here you will see Add your Microsoft account section and under this section enter your Microsoft account ID and password, and then finally click on Sign in button to enter to your Microsoft account.

Step-5: Once you enter your ID and password now you will get the following dialog box in which PLEASE don’t enter your Windows password.  you have to click on Instead Sign in to just this app instead option if you want to install apps from the Store without migrating your local user account to Microsoft.

Typing thepassword and then clicking on the Next button will automatically switch your local user account to the Microsoft account.

This is all for this article I hope these methods help you to install store apps without switching to Microsoft Account in Windows 10 without any difficulty.

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