How to Modify Firewall Settings on Windows 10

Windows Firewall is an important feature which comes with. Basically, the main function of the firewall is to check the information which is coming from the Internet and then it can either allow the information to pass through your computer or it blocks which depends upon the type of Windows firewall setting. 

It also helps your computer to stop sending malicious data or file to another computer over a private or public network. 

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The Windows Firewall has the capability to prevent the malicious software and the hackers to gain access to your computer through the Internet or through a private network. In this article, I will guide you with different firewall settings you can change on. 

How to open Windows Firewall on Windows 10

First, you need to open the start menu then in the search box type Windows Firewall and then click on it. 

Now the Windows Firewall dialogue will be open and from here you can control, modify all the settings for the firewall. 

On the right side of the dialogue, you can see two options which are Private Network and Guest or Public Network. In private network, your home wireless network comes up and in the Guest or public network public places network will come up. 

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How to allow Program Through Firewall on Windows 10

If you are looking to allow an app or program to allow through the Firewall onthen follow the steps below. 

Step-1: Open Windows Firewall from the start menu.

Step-2: Now on the left side of Windows Firewall dialogue box click on Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall option. 

Step-3: After that, you can see each program or feature which is available on your Windows. Here you can choose to allow the incoming connection on the private and public network separately. you can simply find the app or feature in the list and just click on the checkbox to select which type of network you want to allow incoming connection on.

Step-4: If there is an app or program for which you want to choose the connection and is not available on the list then, in that case, you can click on Add an app button and from there you can pick from the list available or you can click on Browse button to find your app or program specifically from your PC. 

Step-5: After that, you need to go back to the Firewall home and on the left pane click on the option Turn Windows Firewall On or OFF.

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Now you can see set of options which are Private Network setting and Public Network Setting. Turning the Firewall On or Off will let you enable or disable the Windows firewall on your computer. You can also block all incoming connection even for the allowed app to your computer. 

Advanced Windows Firewall Settings

The Windows firewall also offers Advance setting option to create more changes in Windows 10. But if something wrong happens to you PC while changing the setting then you don’t have to worry you just need to click on the Restore Defaults link and then everything will set back the way it was when you first installed Windows 10. Now to get to the advanced setting you need to follow the steps below

Step-1: To open the advanced setting click on the Advanced setting link available at the left pane of the Windows Firewall dialogue. 

Step-2: After clicking on the link it will bring up the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security window. Here you can see the overview of the firewall setting of Domain Profile. Private profile and public profile. You can also see how inbound and outbound connection are managed by the Windows firewall.

Step-3: All outbound connection are allowed by default if you are looking to block an outbound connection then click on the Outbound Rules option available in the left pane. 

Step-4: Then click on New Rule option 

Step-5: Now a new dialog will open naming Rule Type. To explain this I will take an example like to block internet access on all browser of your PC. For this, you need to block all outgoing connection on port 80, the port 80 is the HTTP port which is used by every web browser. Click on the round button next to the Port option and click next button. 

Check this out –

Step-6: Click on the round button next to TCP option then type the port number80 in the box at the bottom and click on Next button. 

Step-7: Now to choose the action you need to click on the round button next to option Block the Connection.

Step-8: Next, you need to choose the Profile on which you want to apply the blocking of the internet. There is three option to choose and you need to select all the option. 

Step-9: Finally just give a name to it and your process will be finished. Now to test it open any web browser on your computer and you will see the error message Your Internet is Blocked 

This is how a new outbound connection is created in Windows 10 firewall to block the port 80 which prevents anyone to use the internet on your PC. You can do more advanced stuff with the advanced setting by creating your own custom firewall rules in Windows 10. 

That’s all for this article I hope this helps you to modify the Firewall setting in Windows 10 of your PC. If you liked the article, then please share it on social media. And if you want to suggest an update in this article, then your suggestions are always welcome. Comment below in the comment section.

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