How to Record Screencasts Videos as Animated GIFs

Do you want to record your Videos as Animated Gifs? Then this article will help you a lot to discover important tools that you can use to do so.One way to quickly share information, examples or series of images to create an animated GIF file that will load quickly.

One way to quickly share information is via examples or series of images so that it can be created as an animated GIF file that will load quickly. And, you don’t need a video for everything. Small and simple tasks can be done with the help of Animated Images rather than Videos that takes hours to records and edit. I have already written an article previously on , so you can also read this to learn more.

There are many tools available for capturing screen motions to. Following are some tools that help you create animated GIFs:


It is a screen capture utility in C#. It lets you create animated GIF images. You have to first install the Cropper first and save the content into cropper’s plug-in folder.

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It is a cloud-based screencast tool with the support of GIF. This tool is very simple as it captures the region of your screen and uploads the result to its server. It’s free up to 5 minutes of record content.

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3. ScreentoGif

It is a source tool designed to record selected area of your screen and save it as an animated file. It comes with a lot of nice features such as pause and continues to record, add text, subtitles, titles, edit and export frames etc.

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4. LICEcap

It is a flexible free tool designed to be lightweight with high performance. It supports its own native lossless along with GIF images.It is a GPL free software, each download package includes the source.

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5. Screencast-o-Matic

It is one of the popular web based software which lets you create movies within the browser without the use of any specific software. It records movies on Windows, Linux as well as Mac.

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In this way, you can create screencasts with Gif images.

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