How to Setup Dynamic Lock on Windows 10 (Guide)

Looking to give your computer an extra piece of security, then an additional or you can say an intelligent feature is available increators update is Dynamic Lock.

Dynamic lock helps in locking your computer when you are away from your desk so that no unauthorized user can log-in to your computer.

This feature adds an extra layer of security to your computer and is very easy to use. It uses a Bluetooth connection between your computer and your phone to automatic lock your computer when your phone is away from the range of your computer.

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This feature only works with the Bluetooth enabled devices when dynamic lock feature is enabled and your Bluetooth device which is connected with the computer, is away from your computer thenwaits for 30 seconds and after that it will turn off the screen of your computer and automatically will lock your computer.

How to pair a Bluetooth Device on Windows 10

Step-1:  First click the Start button and then click the Setting option

Step-2: In the setting click on the Devices option

Step-3: In the left pane click on Bluetooth & other devices

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Step-4: Now switch the Bluetooth toggle button to ON and  click the Add Bluetooth or other devices option

Step-5: Now a new pop-up will open with the name of Add a device in which click on the Bluetooth option.

Step-6: Turn ON the Bluetooth of your device

Step-7: On your PC select the device you need to connect from the list

Step-8: Click on Connect

How to enable Bluetooth Dynamic Lock on Windows 10

Step-1:  click the Start button and then click the Setting option

Step-2: In the setting click on the Accounts option

Step-3: on the left pane click on Sign-in options


Step-4: Now under Dynamic lock option select the checkbox next to the option Allowto detect when you are away and automatically lock the device.

After completing these steps your Bluetooth dynamic lock will be enabled. If you want to check that it is working properly then you can test by stepping away from the range of your computer and also take your device away with you then after 30 seconds computer will be locked automatically. But if someone will use your computer before 30 seconds then the lock system will not work properly.

Did You Know?

If you want to lock your computer whenever you leave your desk then Bluetooth Dynamic lock is a very helpful feature for you if you want to add an extra security feature to your computer on Windows 10. Also, keep one thing in mind that every time you leave your desk you need to take your phone with you otherwise the Bluetooth Dynamic lock feature will not work.

This is all for this article I hope these steps helps you a lot to enable the dynamic lock feature on. If you liked the article, then please share it on social media. And if you want to ask any question or you want to suggest any update regarding this article, then comment below in the comment section.


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