How to Setup & Enable BitLocker Encryption on Windows

BitLocker is a Microsoft Windows Component and is a free feature for full disk encryption available for free from Windows Vista or later. BitLocker is a super simple and powerful tool to secure and protect the data on the entire volume drive. It used an advanced in cipher block chaining or XTS mode.  By default, the Bitlocker supports various encryption modes which are given below:

  1. Transparent operation mode
  2. User authentication mode
  3. USB Key Mode

BitLocker Windows Platform Availability

BitLocker is available on:

  • Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Windows Vista and
  • Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions of
  • Windows Server 2008 and later.

If you cannot find the Bitlocker in your Windows 10 Home by searching in your Windows Start Menu, then you can Download BitLocker for Windows 10 Home for free from the official website:

With the help of BitLocker, you can encrypt files in windows 10. And, to enable a BitLocker you must be logged in as an administrator and have access to the printer to print the recovery key.

How To enable BitLocker – Step by Step

Step 1

Click on

start> Control Panel> System & Security (if specified)>

then click BitLocker drive encryption.

Step 2

Click on “turn on BitLocker”.

Step 3

Now it will scan your computer to verify that it meets the system requirements. If your computer meets the system requirements, the setup wizard continues with the BitLocker Startup Preferences, otherwise, if preparations need to be made to your computer to turn on BitLocker, then, Click Next.

Also visit:

Step 4

If prompted then remove all the CDs, DVDs & flash drives and then shut down your computer.

Step 5

Now turn on your PC. Follow the instructions to continue initializing the TMP.

Step 6

If your PC gets shut down turn it ON again.

Step 7

The BitLocker setup wizard will resume automatically, now click next.

Step 8

When the BitLocker startup preferences page is displayed, click Require a PIN at every startup.

Step 9

Enter a PIN from 8 to 20 characters long and then enter it again in the Confirm PIN field. Click Set PIN.

Step 10

To store the recovery key, select print recovery key and then click next.

Step 11

Now print the recovery key.

Step 12

Now restart your computer to start the encryption process. You can use the computer while the drive is being encrypted.

Congratulations ! You have Successfully Enabled and Setup BitLocker Encryption on your Windows PC. However, what if you want to disable or Turn-Off BitLocker? Don’t worry, we have your back and we have got it covered.

If you want to temporarily disable BitLocker, then head over to this tutorial here :

But if you want to permanently disable it, then just follow the steps below:-

How to Turn off BitLocker

  • Click on start> Control Panel> System & Security (if specified)> then click BitLocker drive encryption.
  • In the BitLocker Drive Encryption control panel, click Turn Off BitLocker.
  • Click Decrypt Drive to start the decryption process.

This is it. For any queries or suggestions, please leave a comment!!


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