How to Share your WiFi Hotspot Internet on Windows 10 PC

Hi folks! Want to share your wireless Hotspot internet with other users on Windows, then it has become possible now with Windows 10. Windows 10 offers you a great feature “Mobile Hotspot’ which helps you in sharing the internet with other devices without the use of any other software and you don’t have to type any commands. So you can turn on the hotspot of your Window 10 PC in less time. 

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With the use of this feature, you can quickly create a hotspot without any difficulty and makes the process of sharing internet connection easy. In this article, I will guide you with Step by Step process to share the internet with other using the Mobile Hotspot feature. 

How to use Mobile Hotspot on Windows 10 PC – Complete Guide

Step-1: click the Start button and then click the Setting button

Step-2: In the setting click on the Network & Internet option

Step-3: On the left side click on Mobile Hotspot option 

Step-4: Now in the drop down menu under ‘Share my Internet Connection from’ option you need to select network adapter which is connected to the internet that you want to share. 

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Step-5: After selecting the network adapter click on the Edit button. 

Step-6: A pop-up will open in which you have to type the Username for the shared connection that other users will use to identify your network connection. 

Step-7: In the next option, you have to type a new Password other which user will use when they want to connect to your hotspot.

Step-8: Click on the Save button to save the username and password you had set for the hotspot. 

Step-9: Now at the top, you have to turn ON the toggle switch which is next to ‘Share my internet connection with other devices’ option. 

After completing these steps you can now share your wireless hotspot internet with other users but keep in mind that up to eight devices can be connected to your. Now the users can simply connect to the wireless hotspot which same as they normally do to access a Wi-Fi network. 

This wraps up the article I hope these steps helps you to share your wireless hotspot internet with other users in Windows 10 without any difficulty. If you liked the article, then please share it on social media. And if you want to ask any question or you want to suggest any update regarding this article, then comment below in the comment section.

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