How to Use CCleaner Like an Expert – Tips and Tricks

CCleaner or Crap Cleaner is a small utility tool that helps you clean up all the unwanted and unnecessary files like temporary files, broken shortcuts,,history etc. It helps you improve the performance of your computer and helps you.

Firstly, you have to download the CCleaner. To download

TIP #1 Consider the content to be deleted

By default, it clears a lot of stuff. So you should consider them before deleting them as some cache and browsing history is important. Then click on run cleaner.

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TIP #2 Whitelisting Important Cookies:

It clears all the cookies, you might need some of them.

On the left side click on “options”, then open the cookies pane, right click on the cookies pane and select “intelligent pane”. CCleaner will automatically add, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail cookies to your whitelist.

If you want to add more cookies to the whitelist you can do so by locating the cookie on the list and then click the right arrow button, it will be added to the whitelist as shown below.

so you can extend your whitelist in this way.

 TIP #3 See Registry Cleaner

The registry cleaner includes hundreds and thousands of registries and it might accidently remove the important registries, so you should not run it.

If you still want to run the registry cleaner, then ensure that you backup any changes you make, you can restore these deleted items from backup if any problem encounters.

Managing Startup Programs

The startup program in tools menu allows you to disable programs that automatically start when you open the computer. To avoid losing any restart entry click disable instead of delete option.

TIP #4 Securely Delete files

You can securelyby using the drive cleaner files for each file to be deleted. You can activate this option by clicking on settings tab in the “options”.

TIP #4 Including Custom Files

If you are using a program that is not included in the CCleaners list of applications then you can specify custom files and folders in the CCleaner. It will delete those files when you run it.

Open options menu and use the option on the include tab. You should be careful as if you include the important files and folders then you might lose them.

The custom files you specify here are only cleaned if the Custom Files and Folders checkbox under Advanced is enabled.

Once you’ve got CCleaner set up, you can run it automatically each night or create a shortcut or hotkey to run it silently.

There are other articles which might help you out in cleaning your computer’s Trash.

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