How to Use Sticky Folders in Windows Explorer to Keep Important Folders at Top

Have you ever wondered how could I keep my most frequently used folder at the top in any Windows Explorer window? Sticky Folders is the Answer. Our operating systems and storage work day and night to keep our data safe and secure, but it doesn’t do things automatically like Management, Sorting etc. of your Data. And we need to do these things by ourselves. Most of the times, we use some folders on windows too frequently. But, whenever you add a new folder, the position of that folder changes and hence its hard to keep a watch on the same position for that folder.

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One Line – Management is Hard to do, not technically but by Process. We need to make processes to do tasks that save time.

There is even a famous quote by Stephen Covey,

Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall.”

Learn how you have sticky folders in Windows Explorer so that the most frequently used folder stays on the top always. And, you never waste time finding that folder or the most used location on your.










As all of us know, the folders inside any Windows Explorer window are by default sorted by name (alphabetical). So a folder like “important” would always get listed down in order than say some folder like “ABC”.








If you can see in the above screenshot, our motto is to get the “important” folder up in the order, right at the top of the list. One simple workaround to get this done is to add some symbols on your keyboard like ~, `,! , #, ^ etc to the folder names that you want to see atop. However please be aware that you can not use symbols like \, /,:, *, ?, “, <, >, | because Windows doesn’t allow these strings to be present in the names of the folders.









Try using different symbols in order to usesticky folders at the top of the Windows Explorer. If you use the same symbol for any two folders, they are still going to be sorted by their names.

Avoid using digits instead of symbols as the whole name looks a bit cluttered if you prepend a number like 1, 2, 3 etc. at the beginning of the name of the file.

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