The Best Way To Free Up Hard Disk Space On Windows

are increasing their storage capacity space and speed  day by day but somehow there is always a shortage of space as they get filled up very easily, especially for Gamers and Movie Lovers and if you are usingthen you will definitely feel shortage of space as they offer less space as compared to traditional mechanical hard drives. To compare these two storages, we have an article as well to fully understand the Difference between an SSD and HDD and when to buy it. If you want to read it, you can check the link:

Windows has an inbuilt tool that cleans up all the junk files or the temporary files and any other unimportant data. If you are not a tech geek and don’t want to follow up procedures and step by step pictures kind of thing, you can simplyand install it to your PC and it will take care of most of the things you wish to do it by yourself. But for the sake of other users, the Manual and the best process to clean-up your hard drive and free up more disk space is given below.

To clean up those files follow the given procedure:

Step 1

Open the “control panel” on your computer.

Step 2

In the control panel menu, choose “system and security”.

Step 3

In the system and security menu click “free up disk space” under administrative tools.

Step 4

Select from the various Disk Drives about which drive you want to clean up and save more space into.


Step 5

When you select the file a screen like this appears, this means the windows are calculating how much space it will be able to make free.

Step 6

Now select which file to delete, tick mark all the unwanted files such as download program files, temporaryfiles, recycle bin, thumbnails and all others as specified.

Step 7

After selecting the desired files, click “OK”.

Step 8

Confirm that you want to delete these files by clicking on.

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Step 9

Wait until the program free’s up to the disk space.

Step 10

Now get back to control panel and uninstall old programs to clear even more space. In the programs click on “uninstall a program”.

Step 11

From the programs choose which program to uninstall, right click on the program then click uninstall or change or repair.

In this way, you can delete old setup files.

When you download a file or application from the, an exe/msi file is downloaded along with name like setup, once the file or program is installed there is no need of such files and you can safely delete them.

Delete the Temporary Files and Folders:

When you download, Install and Extract new Applications andon your computer, you will see that there are always file residues that need to be deleted either manually or via a program like CCleaner.

To remove the Programs manually :-

  1. just press your Windows Button+ R or you can search for “Run” in your Startup windows Menu.
  2. Type –  “TEMP” without quotes and hit enter.
  3. if it asks for your permission, select yes because it’s a windows folder so perhaps it will ask for your permission before it makes any changes.
  4. Now, once you are into the “TEMP” folder, delete all the files that are stored here. There is nothing wrong with deleting these files as windows stores these files temporarily on your system to Install the Programs.
  5. Once you are done with cleaning the Temp Folder, there is another folder you need to delete all files.
  6. Simply go again to Run Command and this time type- “%Temp%” without the quotes and delete all files again from this folder.

And, you are done here. Congratulations, you have successfully deleted and saved tons of space on your hard drive storage. If you are looking further to optimize your computer, you can also go deeper andas well from your PC.

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