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[How to] Recording Computer Audio With Audacity

In this malleable post, I am going to show you how to record almost any audio you want on your computer with Audacity. WHAT IS AUDACITY? Audacity® is free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing. Audacity is available for,, and other operating systems. FOLLOWING IS THE PROCEDURE FOR RECORDING AUDIO WITH AUDACITY: […]

10 Cheap Gaming Laptops Under $300 with Intel Celeron/AMD A Series Processor

Hello, guys! U are thinking about the cheap gaming laptops to buy and want to enjoy all the features. So our team has done some research for the gaming laptops under $300 with Intel Celeron/AMD A-Series Processor with the latest operating system. You are thinking why our team specifies only computer processor type as we […]

7 Best Ways to Share Files Between Android, iOS, Mac and Windows

File sharing is an essential feature that we expect to find on all mobile devices. With the evolution of technology, we are now not only working on PC and Calling on Mobile Phones, but we are now using hybrid technology where we can do most of the operations onandBoth. So, There should be an Improvement […]

Best Screen Capture Tool for Windows [2017 Updated]

Want to capture computer screens on your Windows PC?  There are ampless tools for capturing screens and while you capture, you can edit, crop and style your screen shots directly, so you don’t have to go manually in Paint or Picasa to edit them later. If you landed here, you are probably looking for the […]

Control/Operate Two Computers using one Mouse & Keyboard

If you have two or more computers at one desk, you don’t want two or more sets of keyboards and mice cluttering up your workspace. Ever thought if there is a way to control two computers seamlessly using one set of Mouse and Keyboard? Twocan easily be operated using a single mouse and keyboard. And, […]

Creating Coloring Books for Children in Minutes using MS Office

Children love to draw, paint and fill colors whether digitally in Paint or as a hard-copy with watercolors, oil pastel colors or simply sketch pens. Every time, they get their new assignment from school in Holidays or just a regular day with a tuition, they want to fill colors in everything that is colorless and […]

Download Input Director to Operate Several Computers using One PC

If you are thinking to operate two or more computers using one PC mouse/keyboard connected to one system then the astonishing and mind blowing tool “Input Director” would help you a lot. These tools are super productive when you have only one set of computers. This is the tool which is really an ultimate that lets […]

How to Add Programs to Windows Start-up Folder

If you always visit the same website or web page when you whenever you start yourthen you can place that web page in the startup folder so that it opens automatically when you start. This process is very simple and you can apply it in merely 5-10 minutes. What is Startup Folder? If you add […]

How to Connect to Hotspot 2.0 Wi-Fi Networks on Windows 10

The Hotspot 2.0 Wi-fi network also known as HS2 is the latest networking standard which is designed to deliver a secure and seamless connection to the wireless network. The Hotspot 2.0 or you can say Next generation hotspot is as Wi-Fi pass point by Wi-Fi Alliance. Recommended Articles: It is based on IEEE 802.11 u standard and […]

How to Create a System Image Backup in Windows 10 PC

Want to create a backup of your system inthen you are at the right place.itself makes this task easy for you with the System Image Backup Utility Option. Creating a System Image Backup is very important as it offers a complete restore solution in case of any system failure. The System Image Backup copies everything […]