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How to Open On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 10

Not all the PC users use the On-Screen Keyboard present in Windows operating system and many would be surprised to know that the On-Screenhas been part of Windows operating system. If you are looking to open the On-screen keyboard on your computer then you don’t have to worry. Have a Look ““ In this article, […]

How to Record Screencasts Videos as Animated GIFs

Do you want to record your Videos as Animated Gifs? Then this article will help you a lot to discover important tools that you can use to do so.One way to quickly share information, examples or series of images to create an animated GIF file that will load quickly. One way to quickly share information […]

How to Restore Previous Version of a Driver in Windows 10

If you are Experiencing issues after installing a Newer version of a Specific Driver then do you know you can always have the option to roll back to the previous version of the driver? If your answer is no, then this post is right for you where I can explore you through very simple methods […]

How to Setup & Enable BitLocker Encryption on Windows

BitLocker is a Microsoft Windows Component and is a free feature for full disk encryption available for free from Windows Vista or later. BitLocker is a super simple and powerful tool to secure and protect the data on the entire volume drive. It used an advanced in cipher block chaining or XTS mode.  By default, the […]

How to Setup Dynamic Lock on Windows 10 (Guide)

Looking to give your computer an extra piece of security, then an additional or you can say an intelligent feature is available increators update is Dynamic Lock. Dynamic lock helps in locking your computer when you are away from your desk so that no unauthorized user can log-in to your computer. This feature adds an […]

How to Share a Folder Between Two Computers in Windows 10

Sharing a File or a folder in windows 10 without any portable device is a big conception. Whenever it comes to share a folder between the two computer, then our mind automatically refers to the storage devices like,and more. Look out for this: has done their best to give this exciting features to their clients […]

How to Share your WiFi Hotspot Internet on Windows 10 PC

Hi folks! Want to share your wireless Hotspot internet with other users on Windows, then it has become possible now with Windows 10. Windows 10 offers you a great feature “Mobile Hotspot’ which helps you in sharing the internet with other devices without the use of any other software and you don’t have to type any […]

How to Upgrade 32bit Windows 10 to 64bit Version (Guide)

Windows is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. If you are looking for a PC or laptop which is having RAM 4GB or more than 4GB then 64-bit version is the one you need, in fact it has the capability to support up to 1TB of RAM while the 32-bit version can only utilize up […]

How to Use CCleaner Like an Expert – Tips and Tricks

CCleaner or Crap Cleaner is a small utility tool that helps you clean up all the unwanted and unnecessary files like temporary files, broken shortcuts,,history etc. It helps you improve the performance of your computer and helps you. Firstly, you have to download the CCleaner. To download TIP #1 Consider the content to be deleted […]

How to Use File History Feature on Windows 10 to Backup your Files

The File History is an excellent tool in Windows 10 which helps you to backup your files and folder of your computer to any external hard drive connected to your computer. Previously, i have already written about fixing the. This tool also lets you to backup your data to a network location if it is […]